Evident Scanner on Subscription

Calibrated for accuracy with Triad Dental Studio.

In partnership with Triad Dental Studio, Evident is offering Intraoral Scanners on subscription!

  • No capital expense
  • Don’t get stuck with obsolete technology
  • Includes unlimited training

Buy, Lease or Scanners-On-Subscription

The differences are big ones:

Buy/Lease – the focus is to sell you a scanner. You assume all responsibilities and all the risks.

You pay for the scanner, you pay for software upgrades, training, insurance, repairs, even more staff training, and other costs associated with owing the scanner, with no guarantees of making it a success in your practice.

Subscription – Everything is included in one price – the scanner, software upgrades, training, insurance, repairs, calibration with your printer or mill, even more training when needed.

The focus is your practice and your team – full integration of the scanner into your practice and full support throughout the whole process. And if it doesn’t work, SEND IT BACK. Evident and you are aligned in your success.​

In the scanner on subscription model, a scanner is installed at a dentist’s practice and Evident will support the practice:

• Staff members leave, evident will train the replacement because they are there to support you.

• A scanner breaks, evident will replace it within 48 hours because they don’t want you to lose production.

• The software is upgraded, evident will upgrade your software.

• You want to connect your systems…no problem. evident will do it for you.

• evident provides the software to give you control over your patient’s files.

• Be confident that the systems are working…every day.


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