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Clear aligners are an esthetic and convenient alignment solution. More patients every day are searching for a superior alternative to traditional braces. Incorporating aligners into your practice will allow you to cater to current and potential clients and provide them with a solution that easily integrates into their lives.

About the Material:

Zendura™ FLX features a unique elastomeric inner layer with a hard outer shell engineered to grip the teeth firmly and provide exceptional elasticity… the real magic of this innovative aligner material. The dual-shell structure also delivers a precision fit and unparalleled strength, as well as a tough barrier against bruxing or grinding from the opposing arch.

Why Should You Incorporate Smile Shapers Into Your Practice?

Fabricated to have unparalleled strength and invisibility, patients will never have to worry about noticeable cracks or stains.

Save money with our cost-effective alternative to traditional braces that reduces valuable chair time.

Created specifically for patients’ needs and teeth. Every treatment plan will be specific to your patient’s case.

Fabricated out of a clear resin, our aligners disappear on top of dentition, making them completely unnoticeable.

Our aligners easily snap on and off patient’s teeth and simplify tasks, such as maintenance and eating.

Two Treatment Plans:

A La Carte

Utilizes a predetermined number of aligners that can be easily changed and adjusted depending on treatment. Indicated for patients requiring minimal to moderate alignment.


Utilizes as many steps as needed throughout the course of the plan, at no additional cost. Indicated for patients requiring moderate to advanced orthodontic needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Doctors!

What conditions can be treated with Smile Shapers?
Smile Shapers are used to treat anterior malocclusions in patients with permanent dentition.
Are Smile Shapers covered by dental insurance?
We always recommend checking with your patient’s primary insurer, as coverage will vary between patients. If your patient’s policy allows for orthodontic treatment then Smile Shapers may be covered.
How long must patients wear aligners each day?
Patients should wear aligners 20-22 hours per day and always remove them while eating, drinking hot liquids, and brushing teeth.
Are Smile Shapers recommended for any age group?
Smile Shapers are recommended for people with permanent dentition and who can comply with patient care and use instructions.
Does Smile Shapers offer post treatment retention?
Yes, we offer a wide variety of retainers to use after clear aligner therapy has been completed.
What can Smile Shapers do for my practice?
A high number of people can benefit from straighter teeth which offers significant income potential for your practice. Appointments are quick and easy, so that you do not waste any valuable chair time.

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