Diagonostic Wax Up

The Diagnostic Wax-Up is a 3D simulation of a realistic outcome of a patient’s specific. The Wax-Up is used as a planning procedure, communicating valuable information to the dental specialist, laboratory technician, and patient.  Prior to beginning dental rehabilitation we initiate the process with a set of articulated dental casts.  We then modify the shape, size, tooth position, or arrangement as needed on the casts.  Once the cast is modified, white wax is carefully added and sculptured by the technician or dental specialist, creating a final 3D Blue print in wax.

Completion of the Diagnostic Wax-Up provides the dentist, laboratory, and patient a communication tool that all parties have agreed to, as well as an understanding of the requirements and limitations involved to create the final result. This aids in realistic expectations for the patient and team of dental professionals.