We are currently accepting resumes for future employment opportunities in all departments.

Quality Assurance Technician - CDT Preferred

The Quality Assurance Technician ensures standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality standards are met at various quality checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process. Accept or return completed items, ensure work tickets and invoices are correct, conduct random QC checks on processes, materials and equipment throughout production. Final QC.

Implant Technician / Analog and Digital - CDT Preferred

The Implant Technician will conduct primary and secondary steps of Implant fabrication. Inclusive of checking model work for proper analog placement, loading impressions with implant components, adjust abutments as required, develop soft tissue moulage, anodize abutments, Implant case planning internal and external, scan impression flags and transfer IOS files, design CAD abutments and bars, send files to manufacturers. Communicate externally with clients as needed.  

Removable Department Manager - CDT Preferred

Full Time position is open for a highly skilled, accomplished all-around Removable Department Manager. CDT Preferred. Must be proficient in fabricating high quality Removable Prosthetics, consisting of Full and Partial Dentures and other routine Removable procedures. This position will require planning and designing complex Removable cases such as Hybrid Implant cases, Implant Supported and Implant Assisted Overdentures, Precision Attachments and Partial Framework designs. Solid knowledge of Implant Componentry and Attachments is essential. Exceptional communication skills are required. 

The Removable Department Manager will oversee a team of 6 removable technicians. Inclusive of training technicians, communicating with clients, as well as daily production. Chairside Conversation experience is a plus! Compensation commensurate with experience skill level.

Experienced Model and Die Technician / Fixed and Removable - CDT Preferred

Full Time position. The Experienced Model and Die Technician will fabricate and articulate stone models from clinical impressions. This position will require detail, the ability to work with hands, reading comprehension and the ability to stand for several hours each day. Essential Functions: Trim impressions, pour impressions, pour single dies and solid models, trim models, base models, drill pin holes, set pins, saw dies, trim dies, select proper articulating system, articulate, box in and pour epoxy models, duplicate models and dies, trim dies, set bites, fabricate soft tissue models, block out existing partials, correctly place and identify implant hardware, replace implant posts and analogs into impressions before pouring implant working model. Compensation commensurate with experience and skill level.

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