Prosthetic Dental Solutions Offer Fixed Implants And Implant Removable Restorations For Your Patient’s Needs.

In addition to providing esthetically pleasing Dental Prosthetics, many restorative procedures promote better oral health and can prevent further bone deterioration. Whether you are seeking a full line of prosthetic dental solutions or custom assistance, our experienced team of Prosthetics Professionals are dedicated to providing the utmost in excellence and service.

Implant-Assisted Prosthesis

Although an implant-assisted prosthesis “assists” retention and stability, soft tissue and bone are still relied upon to lend support to this type of prosthesis. The benefit of an implant-assisted prosthesis is that it’s removable and, therefore, easy to clean, especially for patients lax with their oral hygiene. Because they require fewer implants, there is less surgery, less technical demand for the dentists, and costs can be lower. Esthetics can often be easier to achieve and the patient can receive the prosthesis faster.

Implant-Supported Prosthesis

An implant-supported prosthesis is an implant on top of a milled bar, implants that support a hybrid, or eight to 10 implants using fixed bridgework. A hybrid prosthesis consists of a custom-milled titanium or zirconia bar, milled from an implant level impression or from a multi-base abutment impression. It can be fixed, or in the case of the bar-retained overdenture, attached and unmovable. Often, they don’t require a flange because the support comes from the implants. More implants provide greater stability, and when they’re fixed, as in a hybrid, or cemented, they perform like natural teeth. Hybrids and fixed prostheses can be less intrusive due to the elimination of the bar or framework.

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