Triad Dental Studio's Full Dentures offer a high level of comfort, function and esthetic appeal! Our Removable Department is fully trained and experienced to provide the best service and support for your Full Denture cases.

*** In-Lab Production Time: (5 Working Days for Try-In, 5 Working Days to Finish) ***

Triad Dental Studio's Dentures Consists Of 3 Classifications:

These full denture prosthesis are made with great care and provide a unique custom tooth arrangement based on desired tooth shade, tooth mould and natural tissue contours for a comfortable and functional fit. These appliances are processed with heat cured high impact acrylic denture base. They are polished for a cleansable finish.

These full denture restorations allow for the selection of requested premium denture teeth. They will bring confidence to your patient’s smile and encourage a healthy lifestyle. They are processed utilizing thermo-injection technology via the lvoclar lvobase® system with high impact acrylic denture base and can include festooning, stippling or rugi, depending on your preferences. A unique custom tooth arrangement based on desired tooth shade and harmonious tooth moulds, patient age, and masculine or feminine features are accomplished.

Signature Series is our premium fully customized full denture products. The Signature Series is the choice for implant supported rehabilitations. We have found that there is a strong demand for extremely life-like removable prosthetics. These products require a specialized, highly skilled technician dedicated to creating the ultimate esthetic rehabilitation. This product includes your choice of premium denture teeth with a fully customized denture base. In addition to studying the shape, texture, and tooth arrangement, the soft tissue is sculpted to the shape of the alveolar bone to create harmony between the teeth and the patient’s natural smile. The high and low lights of the soft tissue are created for a natural color effect to the denture base, complimented by very natural looking gingival margins. Our goal for the Signature appliance is that it will be indistinguishable from natural dentition. 


Triad Dental Studio offers Removable Reline and Repair Services. Same day convenience is offered within a 30 mile radius of the Laboratory.​

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