Successful treatment planning for a cosmetic case requires confidence and assurance to the restorative dentist and patient so that their goals can be accomplished.

Today cosmetic dentistry is an elective cosmetic procedure that can create great patient satisfaction and self-esteem. Generally we find patients have very specific perceptions as to what a healthy beautiful smile is.

Cosmetic case planning starts when your patient arrives at your office and says “I don’t like my smile”, “My teeth have spaces between them”, “I would like a whiter, brighter shade”, “My teeth are rotated or angled and I’m not willing to go through orthodontics”, or  “Bleaching has not worked”. We have all heard this before, is cosmetic dentistry the right choice?

Diagnostic Wax-Up, Digital Photography, Study Models, Transitional Temporaries or Matrixes, Prep Shades, Prep Outlines, and Material Selections are some of the elements employed in creating predictable healthy esthetic cosmetic cases for you and your patient.

Diagnostic Wax-Up

The Diagnostic Wax-Up is a 3D simulation of a realistic outcome of a patient’s specific. The Wax-Up is used as a planning procedure, communicating valuable information to the dental specialist, laboratory technician, and patient.  Prior to beginning dental rehabilitation we initiate the process with a set of articulated dental casts.  We then modify the shape, size, tooth position, or arrangement as needed on the casts.  Once the cast is modified, white wax is carefully added and sculptured by the technician or dental specialist, creating a final 3D Blue print in wax.

Completion of the Diagnostic Wax-Up provides the dentist, laboratory, and patient a communication tool that all parties have agreed to, as well as an understanding of the requirements and limitations involved to create the final result. This aids in realistic expectations for the patient and team of dental professionals.

Temporary Restorations

Laboratory fabricated Temporaries create functional solutions and can simplify chair side fabrication time by reducing extensive labor recreating temps for your patients. Our ProTemps are esthetically pleasing and durable during this transitional period for the patient. With accurate casts or preoperative impressions, we can create the goal of the final aesthetic outcome.

When combined with the Diagnostic Wax-up then both the Restorative Dentist and Patient virtually experience a trial period of the final aesthetic goal, assessing fit, form, and function.  This provides both the dental professional and patient the opportunity to address any physiological concerns prior to completion of the final prosthesis.

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