Send Your Digital Impression

We accept digital impression files from all major intraoral scanners. Please follow your specific scanner instructions to add Triad Dental Studio to your scanner.

  1. Register with 3Shape Communicate at us.3shapecommunicate. com.

  2. Send a connection request from your communicate account via the website. (This is a one time registration process).

  3. Complete the intraoral scan.

  4. Complete the Trios Rx. If requesting a model-less crown, please specify in the “notes” section.

  5. Select Triad Dental Studio from the lab menu and click “Send.”
  1. Complete the intraoral scan and open the patient’s case in the DIS software. The software can operate in standalone mode or through Practiceworks.

  2. Through the file button in the upper right corner of the patient history window choose “history open.” (book icon)

  3. Highlight the 3DIO folder and press the “Send To” button at the lower right corner of the window. Files will be saved to the desktop.

  4. Highlight the 3DIO file and click the “CS Connect” button.

  5. Login to CS Connect.

  6. From the drop down menu, select “Triad Dental Studio.” If this is the first case being sent, enter “” in the email field.

  7. Attach files by clicking “Browse” and selecting the .dcm file from the patient’s folder and click “Open.”

  8. Enter the case information (doctor, patient, due date, shade, crown type and whether case is model-less or not) in the comment box.

  9. Accept the terms and conditions and click “Submit.”
  1. Create an account on and follow the prompts for activating the account.

  2. Log into your account on the website and select Triad Dental Studio from the list of available approved laboratories. Add Triad Dental Studio to the folder labeled “My Favorite Laboratories.”

  3. Make sure your Sirona software is running at least version 15.1.

  4. Log into your Sirona Software and complete the digital scan.

  5. Complete the digital Rx. If requesting a model-less crown, please specify in the “note” section.

  6. Select “Triad Dental Studio” in the Labs section.
  1. Call (800) 577-8767

  2. Select Option 1

  3. Request that Triad Dental Studio is added to your scanner and Identify our lab using our phone number: (800) 318-6684

  4. After Triad Dental Studio has been added, restart your scanner.

  5. After connecting to us as a lab, select Triad Dental Studio on your scanner when sending files.
  1. Create an account on and follow the prompts for activating the account.

  2. Select ‘Administrator’ under clinic tab.
  3. Fill in your information. A verification email and downloading instructions will be emailed.

  4. Once completed, click ‘Add New Partner’ and search for Triad Dental Studio to begin sending cases to our lab.
  1. Complete Rx, scans, and margin marking for case. Make sure for each prep, the retraction is done using the “Retract” button.

  2. Select the case to be sent by clicking on it and select “DDX Export” in the lower left.

  3. Select all case files to be sent and click “Create A New Case.”

  4.  Select “Log In.”

  5. Select Triad Dental Studio and click “Use Lab.”

  6. Complete the digital lab Rx and click “Submit Case.”

  7. Enter patient’s appointment information. Note: If sending a case for the first time since opening the software, minimize the portal window. In the DDX Cloud Window, under “Existing Cases,” select the patient.

  8. Click “Add Files.” Do not close the window that appears. It will close when finished uploading.